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how do you use the points???

Mark, 07 Jun 2019

  Reply : Hi when you collect 500 points you can use it £5. Money off your meal online during check out if you have any problems please use live chat option

Highly reccomend, lovely pizzas

Tracey, 07 Jun 2019

  Reply : Thank you Tracey

Well, my eldest son and I have just found our new favourite burger - your delicious pineapple burger - yummy scrummy to put it mildly!

Melanie, 06 Jun 2019

  Reply : Thank you Melanie we are pleased to hear you enjoyed your meal

Use to always cone to you but you changed your burger buns to brioche type bun anthers not as good! Also doner kebab went

Peter, 20 May 2019

  Reply : Ok. We will consider this, thank you:))but We can serve you with burger buns you like no prob, just comment under your order next time

Very nice food every time.

Athena, 18 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you Athena:):)

Brilliant place brilliant food

Lucy, 16 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you Lucy:)

food always nice and hot

Mark, 12 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you.Mark:)

Always pleased.

Dan, 12 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you ,Dan:)

I just want to praise you and your team yet again. We ordered the chicken kebabs, which has ingredients my one son is allergic too - although we had ordered him the chicken burger - and you team tried to call me but couldn't get through, so when your driver delivered our meal he asked if the order was correct and I explained that my son had taken his medication so would be ok. Also thank you for the homemade coleslaw, no onion or garlic, it was devine. Please keep up your amazing service. We highly recommend your gorgeous food to all.

Melanie, 11 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you.Melanie, we are pleased to serve you:)

Really very impressed with your customer service, our order tonight contained items that would have caused an allergic reaction for my youngest son. Your team called us and offered us two other options. Thank you so much for your attention to details. Our kebabs were devine and the youngest enjoyed his chicken burger.

Melanie, 05 May 2019

  Reply : Your welcome Melanie,We try our best to give customers :)

good food,will be back again

Mark, 04 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you, Mark:)

All of our meals from your menu have been fantastic. We have a few allergies in our family and Pizza Palace have catered to our needs with no issue. I highly recommend the chicken salad to anyone who wants a well balanced meal but is watching their diet. My children and husband recommend the burgers, wraps and kebabs. Sadly pizzas are off our meals list as a dairy allergy prevents us enjoy them, but before the allergy was found we enjoyed the pizza selection.

Melanie, 03 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you for lovely comment Melanie,

Quick delivery, nice pizzas

Jon, 27 Apr 2019

  Reply : Thank you Jon?

Bring back the donner kebab was very tasty

Leo, 16 Apr 2019

Just moved to the area and very impressed with the food. Will definitely be ordering again

Jack, 09 Apr 2019

  Reply : Thank you for nice comments Jack, welcome to the town ??

Love your pizza

Lauren, 07 Apr 2019

  Reply : Thank you Lauren??

Quick service, lovely food

Jon, 06 Apr 2019

  Reply : Thank you JON

Chips a bit cold but burger ok

Sue, 22 Mar 2019

  Reply : Sorry about that, will improve next time?

The food is nice, the delivery is fast....but I must say one of the delivery guys is very blunt, quick, stone faced and really does come across as rude...bit of customer service training for him? (Saying that everyone else I have dealt with has been very pleasant)

Ellie, 17 Mar 2019


Katy, 01 Mar 2019

  Reply : Thank you Katy?

Missing my bottle of drink and coleslaw but great meal otherwise

Jay, 13 Feb 2019

  Reply : I'm sorry, about the missing your drink, definitely will not happen again

Awesome food amazing service

Matt, 09 Feb 2019

  Reply : Thank you Matt

Lush pizzas

Adel, 08 Feb 2019

  Reply : Thank you Adel

Really easy user friendly website, first time user and could not have been easier to order what we wanted from a really good selection

Matt, 30 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you Matt, we hope to serve you again soon


Martyn, 30 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you Martyn

I ordered at 17.20pm for 7pm delivery. Order arrived at 7.15pm. Not really good enough.

James Edwards, 30 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you for your feedback James. We do apologise for being late 15 min