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Forgot my tango in my meal but don't worry about taking it to me! Just add it in next time i order :)

Jake, 14 Jan 2021

  Reply : Sorry for that Jake, remind us next time , thx:))

Always good food and wonderful staff

Simon Buckland , 11 Jan 2021

  Reply : Thank you Simon

Will be coming back! Best pizza I’ve had in the area for quite a while! I decided to give this a try as it was my birthday meal! It certainly didn’t disappoint! Thankyou!

Nathan, 05 Jan 2021

  Reply : We glad to hear that , Thank you for lovely comment and review Nathan :))

This place is amazing all the staff are super friendly and lovely

Michelle Collins, 05 Jan 2021

  Reply : Oww!! thank you for lovely comment Michelle:))

Ordered at 6.45 for an 8oclock delivery , called at 8.30 and they said they don’t know what happened and we now have to wait a further 15-20 mins , so nearly an hour late , and no real apology or offer of compensation for the mistake and making us wait !

John, 02 Jan 2021

  Reply : We are very sorry and do understand that it must have been frustrating. We found out that the delivery driver had given your food to the wrong address. Next time you order, call up and we will give you 30% off.

No way of using loyalty points as it seems, no button at checkout.

Jake, 31 Dec 2020

  Reply : Sorry for the inconvenience We will check with the tech team

Wrong Drink send but pizzas were good

Jade, 28 Dec 2020

Fantastic! Thanks very much.

Lucy, 19 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you for lovely comment Lucy

Perfect as always

Meghan, 18 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you Meghan:)))

Always delivered hot and much faster than the estimated delivery time. We’re never disappointed and always happy to support in these current difficult times. Great job!

Daniel, 16 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you for lovely comment , Daniel:))

Hope to get my BBQ sauces today, instead of the garlic ones I always get given and don’t want.

Matt, 12 Dec 2020

Absolutely bloody perfect ❤

Meghan, 04 Dec 2020

  Reply : Ohh thank you, Meghan::))

Forgot the extra anchovies... Otherwise great as always

Alex, 02 Dec 2020

  Reply : We do apologies for the mistake We will make it up on your next order

Tried to use 30% off, but didn’t work.

Sue, 02 Dec 2020

  Reply : Discount code will not work on meal deals

Ur food is lovely but I ordered a cheese cake and we never received it.

Jessie, 30 Nov 2020

  Reply : We sorry to heard that, Jessie, we send your cake strait away

more expensive then Wincanton Kebabs pizza's

Matt, 28 Nov 2020

  Reply : We’re sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with our prices. Although the reason behind this is the fact that we only use the finest ingredients and the cost of the food has to cover the cost of the ingredients.

Always very efficient in all departments

Caroline, 23 Nov 2020

First time user. Very nice, all enjoyed it!

Phil, 21 Nov 2020

Nice when to delivery driver makes eye contact and say thank you.

Melanie, 16 Nov 2020

Good service and great food

Veryann Golesworthy, 16 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thank you, Veryann

Little bit disappointed by the strippers combo I ordered. In description it states a full portion of strippers with wedges... We got two strippers on the wedges, not exactly my money's worth.

Jake, 15 Nov 2020

  Reply : Sorry for the mistake , we send you extra full portion strait away Jake:))

highly reccomend

Tracey, 14 Nov 2020

Good food arrived hot but missing dips and childrens drink and chips and sweet

Tracey, 11 Nov 2020

Didnt recieve drink and chips with babydough pizza

Tracey, 11 Nov 2020

  Reply : Sorry for that Tracey, send you strait away

Very quick,but would like the delivery driver to smile and say thank you

Melanie, 06 Nov 2020

  Reply : Sorry to hear that, for a lot of our delivery drivers English isn’t their first language so they tend not to talk as much but obviously we understand it would be nice and polite to receive a simple thank you, we promise he’s not half as miserable as he looks:)

Late not good when u have hungry children

Felicity, 06 Nov 2020

  Reply : Sorry about this, but on a Friday night we are always busy and we have a lot of food to make and deliver. Delivery time is also 50 minutes and I can assure you that it took less than 50 minutes to be delivered.